Gallery Exhibits

Two of my collaborations with artist Simone Jones are currently installed in Toronto. Both multiscreen projections, WARDEN AND MCNICOLL is currently showing at The Art Gallery of Ontario until January 2015 as part of the Alex Colville Restrospective, and WITHIN DISTANCE is currently showing at Christopher Cutts Gallery until September 27.


The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song now on NETFLIX

This feature documentary can now be seen on NETFLIX and is included as a DVD in the latest issue of DOX Magazine, featuring a conversation between director Christy Garland and sound designer Peter Albrechtsen about the sound and music in the film.


Borealis Wins Three Canadian Screen Awards

Congratulation to the whole team! In addition to a win for Best Music Score, Borealis won for Best Writing and Best Dramatic Mini-Series. It’s now available on DVD under its alternate American title “Survival Code”


The Listener Season 5

The Listener is returning for its fifth season. Premiering May 26th at 9pm on CTV


Canadian Screen Awards Nominations for Borealis

I’m very pleased to announce that Borealis, the terrific science fiction pilot I scored is nominated for five Canadian Screen Awards, including me for music.

Borealis CSA


Played, my new weekly series debuts Thursday October 3, at 10pm on CTV. Click the banner to watch online



All 52 Episodes of ReGenesis can now be seen on Hulu


The Listener Season 4

The Listener is back. Season 4 starts airing Wednesday May 29 at 10pm on CTV. We’re still at Technicolor mixing, with two episodes to go. Our re-recording mixers, Al DeGraaf, and Mike Woroniuk have done an amazing job this season.


Within Distance

Simone Jones’ installation WITHIN DISTANCE is a dual screen video installation with computer controlled projectors that navigate the gallery space. I worked on the sound and music for this piece, with a terrific foley contribution from Footsteps Post Production Audio. It’s installed for the month of May at the Doris McCarthy Gallery here in Toronto. Click on the image to view the gallery details


Awards Update

The music and sound design for MALODY has been nominated for a LEO award at the Braunschweig International Film Fesival, November 6-11 2012


And congratulations to director Christy Garland, THE BASTARD SINGS THE SWEETEST SONG won “Best Caribbean Film by and International Filmmaker at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival